• Where does the data come from? plus icon minus icon
  • Knoema users have access to the most comprehensive collection of global decision-making data in the world. Knoema hosts more than 2.4B time series published by more than 1K sources. Our team curate... See more
  • How do you obtain and curate data? plus icon minus icon
  • We have a dedicated team of data engineers who retrieve raw data and datasets from public sources all around the world and then upload them to the system. And of course we give a preference to cred... See more
  • How do I cancel my Professional subscription? plus icon minus icon
  • To cancel your Knoema Professional subscription: 1. Open your Account Settings from the right hand menu of Knoema.com. It will open http://knoema.com/user. You will need to log in if you are not al... See more
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