Seek Connect Product Release notes

  • Release Notes v.0.3.1 plus icon minus icon
  •   What is in this release: To increase RBAC, as an admin, you can now see everyone's jobs in your organization. Enhanced Timezone understanding for schedules Bug fixes Unit tests See more
  • Release Notes v.0.3 plus icon minus icon
  •   What is in this release: Connections - now users get tons of pre-built connectors to upstream systems. In the dropdown for Source, now it is filled with lots of other choices besides S3.  Local ... See more
  • Release Notes v.0.2 plus icon minus icon
  •   In this Release we launched: A new Homepage for all your jobs Transformation jobs to allow users to do SQL-based changes on the source data Transformation job that combines multiple source jobs ... See more
  • Release Notes v.0.1 plus icon minus icon
  • This is the first release of Seek Connect!    What is in this release: Ability to create a S3 extraction job Define DataHub-relevant meta data, field definitions, etc. Publish to your DataHub  See more