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  1. Can I add data to Knoema?

  2. Can I suggest data to add to Knoema?

  3. Create data visualizations

  4. Do I need to have specific permissions to upload new dataset? Skip to end of metadata

  5. How do I cancel my Premium subscription?

  6. How do I cancel my trial?

  7. How do I see my billing history and credit card charges?

  8. How do you obtain and curate data?

  9. How regularly do you update data?

  10. How to add a calculation to the Time dimension

  11. How to add a chart to a Knoema dashboard?

  12. How to add a derived series to a chart

  13. How to add a map to a Knoema dashboard?

  14. How to add a relation to a specific dimension element

  15. How to apply the same formula to multiple indicators

  16. How to apply transform to a term in the formula

  17. How to build a chart on top of multiple sources?

  18. How to change dashboard layout?

  19. How to change default table layout and move a dimension to rows or columns?

  20. How to create a Knoema dashboard right from Dataset Browser without replicating all steps to select data?

  21. How to create a new Knoema dashboard from an existing one as a template?

  22. How to create a new Knoema dashboard?

  23. How to create a population pyramid chart?

  24. How to create a table showing top 10 countries by an indicator?

  25. How to customize a chart

  26. How to customize a map appearance

  27. How to edit the formula of a calculated indicator

  28. How to embed a gadget from a Knoema dashboard to my blog?

  29. How to export dashboards to PDF and other file formats

  30. How to find a dataset by source?

  31. How to find a dataset used in a gadget?

  32. How to find an indicator in a long list?

  33. How to make my dataset available to other Knoema users

  34. How to query data from a dataset

  35. How to rename a dimension element?

  36. How to reorder countries and indicators on my table?

  37. How to select all items or reset selection without clicking items one by one

  38. How to share a Knoema dashboard or dataset

  39. How to track a status of a file I submitted for upload

  40. How to use formulas

  41. How to use sorting?

  42. How to use tags

  43. I have built a country specific report, how to extend it to other countries so user can select one to show?

  44. Prepare a database for upload to Knoema Skip to end of metadata

  45. Upload a cross table or pivot table

  46. Upload a list\record based data

  47. Upload a normalized database

  48. What sources and how many do you use?

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