Upload a list\record based data

If your data contains many descriptive fields which you are not expect to be present as dimensions, you may consider uploading you data as list or record based dataset. Knoema will automatically suggest uploading a data as list dataset if Value or Date field is not present in a file.

In list\record based datasets, every row is a record, every column is a field. Knoema supports the following field types for list\record based datasets:

  • Dimension. Fileds used to categorize toyr data become dimensions. There is a limit for number of distinct values for dimension fileds. if a filed exceeds the limit, it becomes Detail.
  • Measure. Any number, currency, value data may become a measure. All measure fields collapse into Measure dimension
  • Date. Date field is used to build time series from your data. Date field is optional for list\record based datasets.
  • Detail. Any additional information attached to every record.

Below is an example of a lisrecord based dataset:

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