Upload a cross table or pivot table

This article explains how to format a cross table or pivot table so it can be used for upload to Knoema.

In contrast to normalized database, pivot or cross table does not have a separate field for dates and frequency. Instead, dates come in columns. As a result, Value field is also not present. Actual figures come in cells located in an intersection of row headers and date columns. An example of cross table is shown on a figure below:

In the very first row, the file is expected to have dimension names. First of all, start addding dimensions which are specific to your data. Number of dimension depends upon a database you want to upload. For example, for an agricultural outlook such dimensions could be: Country, Commodity and Indicator. If unit of measurement is a part of your database, add Unit column right after last dimension of your database.


Add dates in the first row of your file next to dimension names. Use the statistical format of dates for different frequencies:

  • 2009, 2010, 2011 - Years
  • 2009H1, 2013H2 - Half-years
  • 2009Q1, 2010Q3, 2012Q4 - Quarters
  • 2009M2, 2011M7 - Months

Populate dimension columns with names or codes of dimension elements. Knoema will use these values when showing you the data in the Dataset Viewer or any other Knoema tools. Provide actual numbers in columns having dates in the header.

Below is an example of cross\pivot table ready for uplaod with multiple frequencies:

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