How to make my dataset available to other Knoema users

To be available to other Knoema users, your dataset have to be verified by Knoeam Data Team and to be publicly available or shared to a group of users. See steps below for details.

Step-by-step guide

Open a dataset you would like to be available to other users.

  1. To send a verification request, click Submit for Verification link on the dataset toolbar.

  2. Knoema will request you to provide some metadata for your dataset. Name, Dataset Source, Publication Date and Reference URL are required fields. Provide this information accurately, it will be all verified before your request will be approved.
  3. It may take the Data Team a few days to process your request. You will recieve a notification once it is done.
  4. Share your dataset. See How to share a Knoema page or dataset article for details.



Verification is not obligatory step if you are not willing to expose your dataset to Knoeam users through Dataset Browser and Search results. You may still share a dataset to users you know. In this case any user accessing your dataset, will see that its data is not verified and might be not correct.


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