How to find an indicator in a long list?

When looking for an element in a long list, it might be helpful to use on-the-fly filtering by key words.\ instead of scrolling the list up and down.

How to find an indicator in a long list without scrolling it all the way down 

  1. Select a dataset and its dimension. See “How to query data from a dataset” for details.
  2. Start typing in the quick filter field. The list below will adjust leaving only element names, which includes words from the filter as a whole phrase. Use more words for a more precise filtering

  3. Select elements to view from the data dimension. Click an item to add it to the query, the item will change its icon. Click it again to remove an item from data query.

You can use filter several time while building a query, new filter does not reset a selection you made. Simply replace text in the filter box for this purpose.

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