How to use sorting?

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To sort rows in a table or to sort series in a chart, follow these steps.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Start editing a page, then edit a gadget.
  2. Switch to Appearance tab.
  3. Click Sort Options button. The Sort Options dialog box appears.
  4. Select discriminator. From the Select Discriminator drop-down menu, choose a column\category by which you wish to sort the table\chart. These data series appear on chart's category axis or columns in a table.
  5. From the Choose Order drop-down menu, choose Desc to sort in descending order or Asc to sort in ascending order.
  6. From the Top drop-down menu, choose a value to limit the chart\table to this many data series per data point\column. For example, choose 3 from this drop-down menu to display only the top three series.
    Use add others checkbox to show a sum of elements which are out of top N.
  7. Specify whether you want to sort actual number or ratios as percentage of table\row\colum. 

  8. Click OK to apply changes



use Clear Sort button to rever the table\chart to default sorting

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