How to rename a dimension element?

Follow these steps if you need to rename a country or an indicator.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Login Knoema.
  2. Start editing a page and edit a gadget.
  3. On the Dimension Filter tab, click Customize button on the top-right corner of the dimension list.

    The Customize button might not be available. It means that you already used this button and set up custom names for dimension elements or introduced calculated elements. Simply jump to step 3 in this case.

    The appearabce of the dialog will change, 

  4. Click a part of the table where a dimension is currently located.
  5. Select a dimesnion you would like to customize.
  6. On the left side, you will see a list of elements currently selected. Click small pen button next to element name you would like to rename. Edit box will apppear right inside the element.

  7. Type in a new name for a selected element. Press Enter to confirm the change.

    Note that if the element uses a formula to calculate its values, you will need to use an edit box right below dimension lements list.





    For your convenience, when using small screens, hide the Layout sample panel to see more selected elements at a time.

  8. Click Save to apply changes.

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