How to create a table showing top 10 countries by an indicator?

For the purpose of this exercise, we will create a table showing top 10 countries by total population based on World Development Indicators (WDI) data.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Create new page, add a table gadget.
  2. Select World Bank - World Development Indicators dataset.
  3. Select all elements in the Country dimension, except of country groups and aggreagates; select "Population, total" element in the series dimension; select 2010 in time dimension.
  4. Move Country dimension to rows, move Series dimension to Columns, move Time dimension to Filters.
  5. Switch to Appearance tab.
  6. Click Sort Options button. The Sort Options dialog box appears.
  7. From the Select Discriminator drop-down menu, choose the "Population, total" element. It means we will sort series by this indicator.
  8. From the Choose Order drop-down menu, choose Desc to sort in descending order. This will let us to show countries with highest values of the selected indicator. We would be using Asc for a BOTTOM 10 analysis.
  9. From the Top drop-down menu, choose 10. The table will only show us top 10 rows of the sorted table.
    Leave add Others checkbox unchecked.

  10. Click OK to apply changes
  11. Click Save to show the table on the page. Below is what the table is expected to look like.

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