How to export dashboards to PDF and other file formats

Knoema enables you to export your table and chart gadgets to Microsoft Excel, CSV, PowerPoint or PDF format. The exported versions retain all the data and, in the case of XLSX or PPTX, most if not all of the custom formatting options. Knoema also enables you to export an entire dashboard to the same set of formats.

To export the entire dashboard, click the Export link in the dashboard's toolbar.

To export a table or chart gadget, click the gadget's menu button , and choose Export from the list of commands that appears. The site displays the Export Options dialog box. Choose the format to which you want to export, and click OK. If your chart includes formatting that does not translate with complete accuracy to XLSX or PPTX, the Export Options dialog box displays a corresponding note.

Note that some chart cannot be exported to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint as native objects. In such cases, Export Options dialog will show available formats only.


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