I have built a country specific report, how to extend it to other countries so user can select one to show?

We call it "parametrize a dashboard" when you need its gadgets to depend on a parameter which user can change. When you parameterize a dashboard, you make the element selection of one of its dimensions a variable rather than a fixed value. The visitors to your dashboard can change the selection in this dimension and see different results. For example, if you parameterize the country dimension, your visitors may change the default country selection to any other country in the dataset.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Start editing a dashboard.
  2. Click the Parameterize link in the toolbar. The site opens the Choose Parameter dialog box.

  3. Indicate that the dashboard is parametrized by setting the This dashboard is parametrized checkbox.
  4. Select a dimension which will be variable by picking a corresponding element from the Dimension drop-down list.
  5. Specify a name for the parameter.
  6. Choose Display all members option if you want the parameter to show all available elements;choose Restrict to selected members option to define a list of elements to be available to users.

  7. Click Save to apply changes.

    Once you save the parameterized dashboard, the site adds a drop-down menu to the right side of the interface. Select a new element for the parameterized dimension by choosing a value from this drop-down menu. All the gadgets on the dashboard that share the same definition as the parameterized dimension automatically update themselves to show the appropriate data for the new element selection.

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